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Conversation topics include; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bank Robbery, Neighborhood Life, California Prison Life...

How to rob a bank trailer

Q & A with the author, Richard Stanley


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We Gotta Hit A Bank, I'm Hungry


So my friend Ned and I had just acquired a newer model, gray Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was parked nearby Ned’s house on a secluded stretch of side street. We had contacted a potential buyer and were just waiting for him to come by and check it out.

It was April 2002. Otay, California. I was eighteen years old.

Ned and I were playing a friendly game of Halo when hunger eventually set in. We decided to buy a grande combo meal from Taco Bell along with a two-liter Pepsi to get us through the day. We began to gather the needed funds for our planned feast and quickly realized we had only six dollars between the two of us. The meal and two liter would have cost just under ten.

I don’t remember exactly what was going through my head, but I blurted out the first solution to our problem I could think of: “We should hit a bank, homie.” I’m not sure if he was testing me just to see if I’d back down from my own suggestion or not, but he agreed surprisingly fast: “Fuck it, let’s do it.”

-Unable to stop reading this true crime memoir? Wait till you finish the first chapter!

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Click the  Adam Carolla Show image, to see Richard Stanley's interview on, The Adam Carolla Show. Click button below to read the entire first chapter.

First Chapter

Meet richard


RICHARD STANLEY was raised in a lower income area of South San Diego. A high school dropout, he obtained his business degree as a serial entrepreneur – in bank robbery. He was graciously accepted into an institution of higher education operated by the California state prison system to further his studies for seven years in the criminal justice field.

Today, he is a business consultant for adult marketing and is co-owner of an online classified website, He trades in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and has no need for banks and crime now. He lives in Newport Beach, California.

A message to the kids

No matter how successful I become, I'll never know how much more I could've achieved...If I had focused more in school.

Don't go to prison

No matter how many good things you hear about prison, just know, it actually sucks. They can legally shoot you down dead, for a fist fight. 


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