True crime about gangs, bank robbery, prison and success in business

Their crimes were fist fights and their sentences, death.

Gladiator fights brought to you by...our tax dollars

This video was recorded at Corcoran State Prison, in California. I was housed in Donovan State Prison, also in California. There was no shortage of death, during my stay there.  This video is only relevant to my book because, it shows the savagery of what "some" guards are capable of, in our California prisons.

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Caution: video depicts the deaths of several unarmed people

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 Aricle dated: April 06, 1999

The original report in 1997 found a shocking state of affairs. Since Corcoran opened 12 years ago, more than 30 inmates had been shot -- eight of them killed -- during these fights. The California Senate has been looking into that violence since that first report. 

A corps of prison guards wearing black masks were said to often abuse inmates during routine searches. One former officer was convicted of taking a Taser gun to the genitals of a prisoner.

Most of the fighting and shooting of prisoners occurred in Corcoran's special security housing unit, the SHU, a prison within the prison that is set aside for difficult inmates. continue reading...

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